the end is the beginning is the end...

I'm sure you remember Billy Corgan as the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins, or from his popular career as a child actor on Small Wonder, but now little Billy is all grown up and making suit-and-tie performances on Capitol Hill.

Speaking out today in favor of a bill that requires broadcasters to compensate all performers of radio airplay of their music (as opposed to the publishers being paid out), Corgan apparently started smashing chairs and tables much to the shock and awe of Congress. Okay, so that didn't exactly happen, but Billy Corgan in a suit and tie makes me feel really old, and that's my version of it.

When a major artist from a major label has to suit up and go to Washington to challenge an 80 year old practice, you know the model is changing big time. As more and more record stores close (RIP Virgin) and as Ticketmaster holds the will of music fans in their death grip, the music industry gets closer to the flip side. Of course Corgan also recently spoke out in favor of Ticketmaster, as his new BFF.

I'd have a little faith if Ticketmaster CEO Irving Azoff wasn't the Smashing Pumpkins' manager.

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