eat this, not that...

In my upcoming memoir, How I Got Fat, By Todd Sokolove, I will be pointing out the evils of a little diversion around the corner from my apartment known as Sullivan Street Bakery.

The fact that the bakery is on 47th Street, way far from Sullivan, should have been the first clue that I was to enter a deceptive point-of-no-return.

Sullivan sells baked goods from the tiny little shop between 10th and 11th, but most New Yorkers are getting their fix at any one of the many Dean and Deluca cafes. That's at least where I discovered the holiest of holy donuts - the jelly-filled Sullivan Street Bombolini.

Now that I realize I can get fresh, just made Bombolinis down the street from the source, I'll be sending in my application for The Biggest Looser in at least four weeks. Given the amount of product placement on that show, I'd be happy to endorse Sullivan St. in every episode!