Movie hittin' our heart
givin' whatcha gettin
knowin what I know...

It's been TWENTY YEARS since Do the Right Thing hit summer screens and made a big impact not only in cinema, but in the way I viewed cinema. This was way before heading off to film school and discovering movies that had inspired Spike Lee's racial-relations fueled diatribe. I hadn't yet seen Mean Streets, Night of the Hunter or even the films of Kenneth Anger.

I had a lot to learn about auteurs and indie films, but I was further inspired by Do the Right Thing to study cinema, and when I had the chance to meet Spike three years later at his studio in Brooklyn, it was a dream come true.

Over the next twenty years following DTRT, Spike's filmography has run gamut between slick Hollywood commissioned storytelling, epic personal projects, masterful documentaries and independent minded gems. Yet, I still look back on 1989, the number, as not just another summer.

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