Patrick Swayze
8/18/09 - 9/14/09

I had the pleasure of working on a couple projects with the man I liked to call "Crazy Swayze," or as he liked to be called, "The Swayze" (rhyming with 'Daze').

The man was bold, but in a daring way (not as ego-driven as a lot of stars are). He would ramble on about his vision for even the tiniest of details, which is probably what got him so far in the industry. A risk taker at best and a ham at worst.

He'll be missed as a great talent, but also as a true fighter of Pancreatic Cancer, which he stood up to with all the courage and confidence one could only expect from the one and only Patrick Swayze.

Please take some time out of your day to help stop the disease. You can further Patrick's cause by raising awareness with Congress by clicking here.