meet pete...

A couple weeks ago, I adopted an amazing little kitty named Pete from the good folks of All About Spay & Neuter.

Loyal visitors to Beware of the Blog will no doubt remember that I already have two cats. Trust me, this was something I kept saying to the shelter folks at the adoption drive, to which they would always reply "just two?"

So, I think that I've officially just become one of those crazy cat people. Not cat hoarder, mind you, but cat person. Besides, my lovely female cat Heather Locklear, so named because she's beautiful, a complete bitch and makes special guest appearances, is never to be seen. It's really like having two cats.

Until you have to feed the three of them their wet food meal at night. Then it's, as Craig says, "way too much cat."

In any case, Pete's awesome. How can you not love this little dude?