you'll laugh
you'll cry
okay, you'll laugh a lot more....

It may have won an Oscar for Sandra Bullock, and even more astonishingly garnered a Best Picture nomination, but I make no apologies on this one - The Blind Side is an amazingly enjoyable bad film.

It shifts points of view at least five times, tries to jam a lot of story into that weak narrative and delivers some of the most unintentionally flat lines of any relatively dramatic film in years.

Here are my top ten favorite bad lines from THE BLIND SIDE

10) "White people are crazy"

9) "Who's the colored boy in y'all's Christmas Card?"

8) "I think we should start a charity. For kids like him."

7) "Enough with the rugby shirts. You look like a giant bumble bee."

6) - "If this is all you got, why's it say Big and Tall on the sign?"
• "Big and Tall. You need Bigger and Taller."

5) "Look, Big Mike, we can do this the easy way - or we can do it the hard way."

4) "Do you think he'll steal anything?"

3) "Damn, that ain't fair! They got a big ole black bear playing for 'em. What is this, a circus?!"

2) "You're right. White people are crazy"

1) "I want you to enjoy yourself but you need to know that if you get a girl pregnant out of wedlock I will climb in the car, drive here to Oxford and cut off your penis."