viva the french healthcare system...

I am currently stranded in France due to the grounding of most planes.

It's hardly an issue though as I am "stuck" in Cannes for what will hopefully be a few extra days.

So far, the only stress has been from attempting to phone my doctor in the states to ask for a recommended way to get a couple medications I can't live without (no, one of them's not Viagra).

I didn't even get past his secretary, who was a class A bitch, suggesting that it is "my problem," not theirs. When I went to the front desk of my hotel for a recommended pharmacy, he calmly called the nearest drugstore and I had my medications within 5 minutes, without any need to check with my doctor.

Here's how that works for me once a month in the states- 1) I have to refill the prescription online or in person at CVS 2) if I am lucky, by the time I can pick up the medicine, it may not even be there or approved yet by my doctor 3) the cost per medication is somewhere around $30 each bottle (with insurance).

I just paid less than $3O for both total here in France. No proof of doctor approval. No insurance proof.

Pardon my French, but any critic of Socialized medicine can suck it.