summer lovin'

With the exception of Splice, this summer's box office is pretty dismal. Even though Iron Man 2 and Shrek 4 were passable and entertaining, originality and a true reward on the big screen is seriously lacking.

That said, here's what I'm looking forward to at the movies this summer:

• Forget Brolin, John Malkovich will be the true star of Jonah Hex

Predators may just return the scare factor so incredibly striped from the AVP flicks.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice should be guilty pleasure nonsense.

Inception will make no sense, but nevertheless mind-blowing.

Piranha 3D has freakin' piranhas, Christopher Lloyd, Elizabeth Shue and Richard Dreyfuss. In 3D!!!!!

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D has freakin' zombies. In 3D!!!!!

Legend of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga Hoole is Happy Feet with owls. Who doesn't like owls? Get it - who?