i ♥ pretty little liars
and I don't care what you think...

I can't keep it a secret much longer. The new ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars has helped me get in touch with my inner evil teenage girl.

It's not necessarily a good show. The cheap production design, generally bad direction and low budget makes Gossip Girl look like Shakespeare by comparison. It is, however, the guiltiest pleasure around this summer. In fact, it's kinda, well, like, Melrose Place good.

I love how the girls are not necessarily "bad," even though they may or may not have killed one of the girls in their clique. And they may have possibly been responsible for blinding one of their colleagues by setting off firecrackers in her face. But other than that, they're generic teen girls with generic teen problems. Oh, and one of them shoplifts to get attention and embarrass her mom. And then there's the underage drinking. Did I mention this is on ABC Family? Love it.

Jenna, the blind girl, is like Audrey from Twin Peaks. All she needs is her own cat-walk theme music. Is she the killer? Is she even blind? All I know is this girl is creeeeepy. And I love her.

Lucy Hale is the show's lead Aria Montgomery and she's the best thing about the series by far. Not only is she genuinely beautiful, but she acts circles around the rest of the cast. Also, she looks like she could beat the shit out of Chad Lowe, who plays her father, and frankly, I'm looking forward to that episode.

But the bestest, most fantastic part about Pretty Little Liars by far is the cutesy lesbian subplot. One of the girls' discovery of sexual feelings is being explored in an aloof manner not seen in mainstream media since Nomi inexplicably kissed Molly during the first 5 minutes of Showgirls. Either the show's thrown in a lesbian to bravely tackle modern teen issues or attract a horny male audience.