mount considermore...

Every year, about this time, Emmy voters are flooded with what I can only describe as a plethora of FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION screeners in every shape and size.

Every year, about this time, my turntable becomes the base for what I can only describe as Mount Considermore...

I've attempted to make my way to the peak of this mountain in the past few weeks, climbing on high above the curiously submitted celebrity reality makeover haunting shows and the three-part History Channel special on auction treasure seekers of the American Revolution.

I will say that HBO has had a stellar year, with a some fantastic work in just about every category. And the big surprise is the simple, elegant full-season submission for the final season of Friday Night Lights.

Still awaiting my Pretty Little Liars Emmy submission.

Better hurry up there Warner Bros.
You've got a lot of campaigning to do.

- A