hollywood games...

Last year I had a chance to tour the Universal Studios backlot. Ok, so it was the tram tour attraction with the cheesy Jaws section and the new King Kong experience.

But one thing that was kind of interesting is the little bungalow set up for toy manufacturer Hasbro. For those of you living under a community chest, Hasbro, has a permanent home on the Universal lot to develop their properties into big budget television series and movie franchises.

Battleship is their upcoming property they hope becomes the next Transformers. A lot of people think it's sure to sink.

Whatever the outcome, they've already put into production big screen adaptations of Risk, Stretch Armstrong and now shifted their Candy Land movie to Columbia Pictures under the poignant comedic eye of auteur Adam Sandler. You really can't make this shit up.

Here are a few games I wouldn't mind seeing movies. All log-lines and ideas © 2012 Todd Sokolove.

A gang of misfit kids accidentally bioengineers a new race of super-strong, fast-multiplying six legged bugs. Super 8 meets Starship Troopers.

In ancient India, a ruthless villain pursues a legendary magic diagram that can bring immortality to its possessor. A disastrously failed attempt lands him in the 21st century, where he soon discovers the pattern on a family board game. Ben Kingsley stars in this time-travel comedy.

When the secret recipe for the delicious original flavor of Hawaiian Punch goes missing, it's up to a crack team of spies to uncover a dangerous mission that spans all eight of Hawaii's islands. Product placement and game adaptation collides in this fast paced caper.

Eli Roth brings to the screen a twisted tale of a school bus filled with children captured by a clan of carnivorous witches. When the kids are put under a psychotic spell, they must use their wits, as any one of them could be a witch in disguise.

Michael Fassbender plays a popular gigalo who's street cred is badly jeopardized after jaw-surgery forces him off the job for months. NC-17