bewared of the week
(midweek musings on stuff) has a plethora of Horror Blu-rays on sale right now for Halloween.  I picked up the newly remastered version of Tobe Hooper's overlooked THE FUNHOUSE for 30% off, which is as low as I've seen so far.

But the best deal on right now is 70% off the OMEN Collection.  Too bad the first one is really the only classic.  The others are kinda meh to me.

FedEx is having a Small Business contest and you should help out the awesome charity SCARES THAT CARE, which helps provide assistance to children injured from burns.  All you need to do to help is click here.   Please support them today!

I always repeat this blog post about my WORST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER, but my mom just finally saw it this year.  At this rate, she'll see today's post in seven years.  #technology

In other Halloween news, there are some great classic movies back on the big screen, and some even nationwide.  Tonight, Fathom brings Rifftrax on Birdemic LIVE.  Not that that's a classic or anything.  SCREAM comes back to select cities next week via TUGG, so check that out here. And the granddaddy of all, the one and original John Carpenter HALLOWEEN comes back courtesy of Screenvision, so book here.

I made a mix on Spotify called OCTOBER 2012 Mix • Scary, Spooky, Dark, Hip that you should check out.  It's not just for October though.  Listen year round for optimum freakiness.