i have a moustache now
and other midweek musings

I have a moustache now.
It's two weeks old.
I look like this...

Yes, I am participating in MOVEMBER, which is a fundraiser that allows me to grow an awesome moustache during the month of November for a great cause - fighting Prostate and Testicular Cancer!

If you think that's awesome, and I know you do, CLICK HERE and donate whatever you can!

You can keep up with my moustache progress on that page too.

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Last night I caught Killing Them Softly which is a lovingly boisterous crime caper with a sense of ironic humor.  I enjoyed the director's previous film The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford and he brings the same off-beat visuals to his new film.  Returning is Brad Pitt, but he's just the anchor for a phenomenal cast that gets to ham it up - Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins and Scott McNairyn (look for Sam Shepard in a brief but memorable roll too).

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There's a new band to celebrate from my favorite Indie label Graveface Records called The Casket Girls.  It's a crossover band featuring members of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dreamend and The Marshmallow Ghosts.  It's haunting pop rock at its best.  Available as a digital download and CD.

If you're a member of their record club, I don't have to tell you that it's also available on Vinyl, but that's our little secret.

Unless you join their Record Club here and then it's your secret too.

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In the too little too late department, I finally saw the Microsoft Windows pop-up store in Times Square this past week.  I literally laughed out loud upon passing it.

Finally Microsoft has sort of attempted a branded retail presence and they've ripped the form from Apple.

• Guys in casual wear with lanyards around their neck - CHECK

• White or transparent, minimalistic furniture to display the goods - CHECK

• Oversized propaganda graphics for walls to loom over customers - CHECK

• Colorful "new" product line - CHECK

Some words of advice to Microsoft.  "We're not for everybody"probably isn't the best first line of your new Windows Phone campaign should you perhaps want to increase your Market Share in the sector.