Democracy Plaza

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A little more on the transformation of Rockefeller Plaza to Democracy Plaza.
My friend Rachel points out it's on the ice, but I made a shocking discovery last night on MSNBC, who seemed to (perhaps on purpose) show the actual transformation of a state gaining the vote of one of the candidates.
Forget what you're thinking about NBC's seemingly cool high tech under the ice video screen from beyond the reaches of technology. That's what I thought we were witnessing. Turns out it was actually a bunch of Teamsters that had precut red or blue shelf-paper that they rolled over the white states to magically transform the state into the up to date glance of our electoral college at work.
How lame is that?
I am happy to report that as of today it is back to being plain old Rockefeller Plaza. The Sharper Image is open until 9, but you can go to Brookstone until 10.