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"I heard the news today, oh boy" - David Bowie quoting John Lennon in "Young Americans"

Well it's over and besides thinking that Kerry had won this morning (it was a dream, then I woke to a nightmare) not a whole lot of love being felt here in New York City.
Just a few quick thoughts:
- Ohio is the new Florida
- Since one out of every ten 18-24 year olds actually voted I hope "Vote or Die" lives up to it's name and the other 9 out of 10 are screwed after being drafted into Bush's war on Iraq.
- When did Rockefeller Plaza become "Democracy Plaza?" There's a fucking JCrew and a Pokemon store there.
- Randy Quaid really shouldn't report on another election for NBC.
- Dan Rather jumped the shark. At least a Whale Shark, is what I reckon.
- Fox News has now officially changed it's trademark to "We decide, then report."
- With nearly 90% of the black voters choosing Kerry, Bush better stay out of Detroit.