Always cover your ass

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As I learned in boy scouts (yes, I was a boy scout, believe it or not) always BE PREPARED.

So, how not surprised was I to hear this little tidbit of info:

Stanley Kubrick approached Lloyd's of London about an insurance policy in case extraterrestrial life was discovered before the release of his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Random fact for you there, but I did some more digging and found these additional Entertainment industry Lloyd's of London insurance policies:

Warner Bros. takes out insurance in early 2004 in case people actually realize Hale Berry as Catwoman is a bad idea.

Sesame Workshop takes out insurance in early 1972 against sudden popularity of Frog's Legs in American cuisine.

United Artists takes out insurance in late 1985 in case Grace Jones should decide she needs to return as a Bond girl.