The point of no return...

phantom, originally uploaded by tsokolove.

Last night Craig and I went and saw Phantom on Broadway for the first time. Now, I've seen the movie three times already, so you could say I'm kind of obsessed with it. So, even though it's been here since 1988, we finally went to see the stage version for the first time. Below are our observations:

* The movie is better.

* Phantom is the new Cats. Never before have we seen so many tourists at a show. Scarier than anything in the musical.

* Conversation overheard behind us shortly before the show started (read with a Southern accent):
"Y'all, what's this show about?"
"I dunno, something about a Phantom"
"In an opera?"
"I think a chandler droped on him or somethin"
"And he loves some girl"

* Michael Jackson started the whole black hat tilted down over his face thing about 1988. Not a coincidence, I can now assure you.

* I want that monkey music box from the show so bad!

* Andrew Lloyd Webber must be one kinky s.o.b.