don't knock the rock...

Poor satan.

How can he keep up with all these cheap shots from Benedict XVI?

Granted it's been a busy month for the new pope. He's been busy branding same-sex marraige as 'pseudo'.

Then he went all Kinsey and claimed that "human sexuality is not juxtaposed to our being as person but part of it. Only when sexuality is integrated within the person does it successfully acquire meaning."

Great, now I have to find "meaning" in my sex life too?

So, anyway, my favorite metrosexual Rock magazine, Blender pointed out this month that Benny ain't too keen on all that noisy rock and roll music. Back in '96, Senator Popetane branded rock music an "instrument of the Devil" and urged young people not to listen to it for fear of endangering their souls. That's original.

I found the following CDs in the "Rock" section of my local Virgin Record Store (no less).


ic ic ic icic ic ic

Don't say you haven't been warned.