it's not the size of your screen that matters...

Last Thursday, hack-and-a-half director M. Night Shyamalan spoke to movie theatre owners about this whole crazy threat of the "shrinking window" between theatrical exhibition and video releases.

As you know from a few blog entries ago, I was thrilled with Steven Soderbergh's bold move to release his next film Bubble in theatres, on video, and on cable all on the same day (known in the industry as 'day-and-date').

Don't get me wrong, I am totally of the belief that films are experienced best on the big screen, but let's be realistic here. Not everyone is shelling out the $10 a ticket for that and especially when the film is a piece of crap.

Crapmeister extraordinaire Shyamalan said "I'm going to stop making movies if they end the cinema experience."

I full-heartedly endorse the end of the cinema experience if this means we don't have to sit through another The Village.