does this make me a gilmore girl?

It took me longer than the Pope's gay quarantine period, but a mere five years later I can honestly say I am TOTALLY HOOKED on Gilmore Girls.

Back in the day when I was with Warner Bros. I remember the development of the series, and it really just blended in with all the other amazing crap we were churning out. So, the show went completely and totally unwatched by me until I this week, in which I forced myself to watch the pilot.

Not seeing anything yet past the first few episodes, here are my predictions for what will happen on the series in the next five seasons:

Rory is so gonna get pregnant soon.

Luke is the real father of Rory.

Sookie's gonna kill by "accident" with her cooking or a cleaver.

Michel is not a Frenchman. That accent is ridiculous.

Paris is a lesbian and will seduce Rory (please god, please god).

By the way, I wish to blame acknowledge Planet Dan and my office mates for the sudden interest in the show.