it only makes me laugh...

"Let's strive for mediocrity" - Oingo Boingo, Insanity

I don't know why I went to Only a Lad last night at the NYC Fringe Fest. This musical-drama set in the 80s and featuring the music of Oingo Boingo definitely had appeal. I'd take Oingo Boingo over Abba and Elvis any day of the week, but it turns out this one was probably more unbearable than Mamma Mia and possibly more annoying than that Beach Boys musical that closed three days after opening.

Let's just say this one ain't making it to Broadway anytime soon.

Although Wild Sex in the Working Class and Little GIrls performed as showtunes was a guilty pleasure come to life, songs like Private Life and We Close Our Eyes really shouldn't be turned into Rent-like power ballads. That's just a whole new level of retro-suck that I can't deal with.