on second thought, you can't be my wingman

Let me say a few words about Tom Cruise and Paramount's VERY sane decision not to renew the Wagner/Cruise deal.

Tom Cruise had a very simple job to do:

Promote Mission Impossible 3 (and before that War of the Worlds for the studio and NOT ACT CRAZY.

So what does Tom do?

He jumps on Oprah's couch, chastises Brooke Shields, defends Lord Xenu, impregnates Katie with L. Ron's frozen sperm, discounts Matt Lauer's knowledge of pharmacological drugs, and commits to not just one, but two commentary tracks for the abysmal War of the Worlds on DVD.

Sounds like a crazy train approaching the station to me.

All I know, is if I acted like an ass, brought my personal life to my job everyday, and actually had the nerve to inflict my personal beliefs on others, I'd be fired, beat-up, and possibly blacklisted from Hollywood.

And I'm not even on the D-List.