Emmy fever...

I'm home sick today catching up on my Emmy screeners, of which I'm totally behind.

Emmy screeners are sent usually around now, which explains my daily trips to the post office to appologize for having the smallest mailbox in Manhattan.

Back in, like, January some of the networks and producers thought they would start their buzz with early mailings of screeners (i.e. shows that have no chance in hell of the golden angel). One of these shows is The Sarah Silverman Program, which has convinced me of one thing this Emmy season.

Sarah Silverman is really not that funny. She made me laugh in The Aristocrats, I'll admit, but this show is so formula and, just, not funny at all.

Sarah reminds me of this girl in my Hebrew school class who thought she was funny, but really she was just a mean JAP, delivering everything in a sarcastic tone, peppered with the occasional shock.

Now on to more Zicam and The Henry Rollins Show.