almighty then...

I'm generally impressed by the movies my parents see in theaters. They saw The Crying Game long before I had a chance to discover he's a she and they often catch documentaries that I've never heard of nor can pronounce.

Then there are the parental movie outings that just completely mystify me. Like this weekend, when my mom relays to me that they saw a "great movie last night" called Evan Almighty.

I instantly have a flashback to the time my parents were sure Patch Adams would get a Best Picture Oscar nom. Then there was the time Cuba Gooding, Jr. better get an Oscar for Radio or "there's no justice in this world."

Best of all, my mom had no idea there was a Bruce Almighty. When I admitted to actually seeing that one, she began drilling me on "what God made Bruce do in that one, since Evan had to build a whole Ark in this one."

I think she was unimpressed by my explanation that Bruce just walks around dancing to Snap's "I've Got the Power" and enlarges his wife's breast size.

Mom said "well, the Evan guy is much funnier, besides I don't like that Jim Carrey."