nice to meet you
famous daughter
of Rachel's neighbor's mom...

Having lived in New York for twelve years now, I appreciate a good celebrity sighting when I can get one, but there's nothing worse than shaking the hand of a celebrity and not even realizing it.

Case in point, tonight I go to meet Rachel for dinner and as we walk into her apartment, Rachel's neighbor comes down the stairs and introduces us to her daughter. Rachel lights up and says how she's heard "so much about her and how funny and great she is "on the show." Then I'm introduced and this woman starts talking about how the pressures on them going after Sopranos and all, and I'm just smiling and agreeing that yes, she's brilliant on that show, thinking "which chick is she on BIG LOVE?"

After random woman leaves with her mom, I turn to Rachel and mouth "who the fuck is that?" and Rachel's like, "uh, hello?! Perrey Reeves?!!! Mrs. Ari from Entourage?!!"

Anyone that knows me knows that ENTOURAGE is one of my least favorite shows on television, so but I did for at least a minute there get very excited that she was on BIG LOVE, one of my favorite shows on television.

Honesty, I'm more excited that I got to meet Perrey Reeves, the star of Child's Play 3.

Talk about your subjective idealism.