j. j. fad...

Those of you lucky enough to not see Transformers over this holiday week missed a trailer that scared me shitless and is pretty much the only memorable thing about Transformers.

Called the "J. J. Abrams Untitled Project" and currently filming under the fake name "Cloverfield," the mystery trailer is a terroist attack on the senses, showing a frightening firecloud engulfing midtown New York in the dark of night. The trailer's told from the point of view of a group of teenagers via shakey-cam home video, starting with a surprise party for a friend and ending with chaos as the Statue of Liberty's head blazes out of the sky and on to their Upper West Side street.

The trailer's appearing on YouTube, but disappearing even faster as Paramount catches those cell phone recording culprits. You can click the film still above for an NBC news clip about the buzz.