the horror...

You know you're old when your friends bring you to Rocky Horror on your 35th birthday and you fall asleep! Now, although Craig always falls asleep when I drag him to midnight movies, it takes skill to sleep through rice, water, toast, toilet paper, and decks of playing cards being thrown at you.

More confirmations of being too old for Rocky included

• Complaining at 12:10 when the movie hadn't actually started.

• Instantly realizing that the average age of the audience was 16.

• Actually being alive when the film premiered.

• Not being able to remember what my favorite color is or where I buy my drugs.

• Being able to recall the original theatres that hosted RHPS are now a snobby art house, a gay video store, and an NYU study hall, respectively.

• Finding some of the content of the movie, which you've seen at least 500 times, a little inappropriate.

• Pulling a muscle while doing the Time Warp.

• Finding yourself strangely attracted to Barry Bostwick for the first time ever.