I rarely get political on this here blog of mine, but you may recall my original offical endorsement of Govener Bill Richardson's run for President last year.In a move right out of The Manchurian Candidate or Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, it seems Richardson has decided to endorse Obama. Of course, it also seems that Richardson has spent the last month since his withdrawal from the race dining on Big Macs and Buffalo Wings, while refusing to shave.

Let's be clear here, before you make up one of those annoying logic diagrams that state that Todd endorses Richardon/Richardson endorses Obama/Todd endorses Obama.

I do not endorse
Obama for President.

And I really don't want to get into it, but here are a few reasons why:

• I don't endorse cults.
• Obama looks like Bat Boy.
• Time to change was also the mantra of the Bradys
• He has a logo. So did Hitler.
• Oprah.