oooh la la...

I've gotten over the shock of the topless beaches of the French Rivera (only made shocking by the number of women who shouldn't be topless on the beaches of the French Rivera), but I will not ever get over this amazing nonchalance that French women seem to have over privacy.

Cases in point, all true:

• You just get undressed to take a shower and regardless of the do-not-disturb card you've left on the door, the hotel maid still manages to unlock your door and walk in for the twelfth unnecessary room prep.

• Public Men's toilets are consistently cleaned, often by women who seem to have no problem pacing around while groups of pee-shy men blush at the urinals.

• Beautiful strippers wearing nothing but G-strings lather themselves in chocolate sauce and straddle newspaper vendors each morning as some sort of ritual.

Alright, maybe that last one's made-up.