goodbye 70s, goodbye 80s,
and sometimes the 90s...

Rachel and I saw YAZ on Thursday night, who performed in New York for the first time in over 25 years.

Although the crowd seemed slightly older, keeping us from feeling too old, my youth was shattered by office conversations with twenty-somethings that went a little something like this...

What's Yaz?
One of the most amazing bands from the 80s.
Well we've never heard of them.
It's the band formed by the original founder of Depeche Mode.
Oh, I think I know them.
Then he left DM after one album to form Erasure.
What's Erasure?!
Very funny.
No, really, who are they
Come on, they've had, like, over twenty hits.
Wait, is this them? Brings up Oh L'Amour on YouTube
This was a huge hit song, you must know it.
Wow, this is good. I love retro.

Awesome highlights below...