I came really really really really really very close to getting another cat last night. Here's how it all went down...

Craig and I are obsessed with checking out the strays at Petco. But now that the ASPCA has a bus (shaped like a dog, no less) that drives around my neighborhood with stray cats and dogs for adoption, it is only inevitable that I will come close to another feline in the family.

Approaching the Petmobile I spot "Baxter," the coolest little kit kat you've ever seen, attacking a Cat Dancer with full force only to pass out from the exhaustion moments later and press his cute little face against the glass. Next thing you know, I'm inside holding this cat and signing papers to adopt him because the original prospective new parents didn't show up on time for the adoption.

I'm about to give Rachel's phone number to them as a reference that cat, man, I can do, when the tardy first parents show up and adopt him.

When I get home, I call Rachel and explain how she almost got a call from the ASPCA to verify my ability to adopt, to which she replies "YOU CAN NOT GET ANOTHER CAT!"

I'm thinking I probably shouldn't use her as the reference next time.