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Thanks for the answer to your vacancy on a post of an operator of goods turnover. We appreciate your choice and we look at you as at the potential employee. For this reason, we have decided to send you more detailed information on vacancy. Take into consideration that we take for work only USA residents.

My name is the Natalie Pepper and I deal with questions of expansion of influence of our company Poland Transfer in the USA. Our company has been formed in 1997, the basic office is in Poland. We purchase goods in the countries-manufacturers for the purpose of its further resale in Poland and other countries. Our clients also are physical persons who order the goods under the similar price. Now we extend and we enter the American market, and we need for our staff hardworking and responsible employees on a remote basis for carrying out individual wholesale and wholesale transactions.

We respect and appreciate the employees, that's why we provide with prospects of growth up to regional directors, high salaries and we create comfort in work.

*Annual salary is 36 000USD. In the presence of MBA - 66 000USD.

*Fully home-based work, flexible hours, possibility at the first stages to combine work with another one. At the first stages 2-5 business hours are required to work a day.

*Every worker is given with the laptop (Dell or MacBook), phone (Blackberry or IPhone) with completely paid communication.

If your resume was updated, please re-send it.
You can contact us 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. from Monday till Friday by phone or email.
We wait for your decision for carrying out of preliminary interview.
Please reply to my email:

Natalie Pepper, PT Inc.