best songs of 2009...

These are my favorite songs of 2009, in alpha order by band. For a limited time, you can download a zip file with MP3s of these here.

Summertime Clothes • Animal Collective
Unless you're under a rock, or lame, Merriweather Post Pavilion is one of the most revolutionary albums since The Soft Bulletin, and rightfully making many a Best of 2009. I picked this over My Girls 'cause I'm getting a little sick of My Girls.

Daniel • Bat For Lashes
A little more mature and overproduced than her last album, Bat for Lashes returns with this moody little synth laced tune.

My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille • Beirut
This is one of those songs I tend to repeat almost as soon as it's done playing. It's just that instantly repeatable. The Beirut double album it comes from is a lot of fun, in an indie music sort of way.

Blood Bank • Bon Iver
Even if you hate Bon Iver as much as my boyfriend Craig, I think you'll admit this is a really sweet song that makes you want to pack the Chevy, grow a beard and road trip it down to Mexico.

Love Comes Close • Cold Cave
Many a band's been inspired by early New Order. Cold Cave channels them with this.

Hang You From the Heavens • The Dead Weather
I love the groove of this track from the new incarnation of The White Stripes. It's kind of dirty, but deep.

40 Day Dream • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Every year, a song makes this list that's unarguably catchy. This is this year's.

Hurt Feelings • Flight of the Conchords
An amazing new season of HBO's Flight of the Conchords brought this hysterical rap.

Cosmic Love • Florence & The Machine
The entire album is a must have, but this track really showcases the band's sound and ability to take you to far-away places.

How Insensitive • Iggy Pop
Who would of thunk?!

Bad Body Double • Imogen Heap
Her sophomore release was overly ambitious, but this is a standout track.

Song and Cry • Jaydiohead
In the tradition of JayZer, Radiohead + Jay-Z = awesome!

Where Did All the Love Go? • Kasabian
Third time's a charm for Kasabian and every track off the new album is great. This one's a great running mix track, by the way.

The Fear • Lily Allen
She's called it quits from the music industry, while Lady Gaga steals her thunder. Basically my nightmare come true. Come back Lily! Pop music needs you!

Everything Turns To You • Loney Dear
I love the way this track opens, and then there's the great background melody that comes in. Just great.

Never Had Nobody Like You • M. Ward
As if Zooey Deschanel wasn't adorable enough, she guest vocals this catchy, fun track that's the highlight of Hold Time.

Help I'm Alive • Metric
I had heard a lot of hype about Metric, and I'm not entirely convinced, but this is a really great track. A definite best of the year. It sort of reminds me of The Breeders.

Winter Winds • Mumford & Sons
Any track with smart use of horns gets my vote. This one leads with them and carries you into a fantastic melody.

Little Secrets • Passion Pitt
In addition to Phoenix, which just fell short of this list, it was the year of Passion Pitt. This is a live performance of Little Secrets from a concert broadcast on NPR. They opened for Passion Pitt and held their own big time.

The Girl And The Robot• R√∂yksopp
Easily their best album and most overproduced, but in a good way. This track just builds and builds into a dance frenzy.

Low Rising • The Swell Season
Once was not enough for this amazing life-imitating fiction reunion. It's a really solid track that's a testament to the sound they started out in the name of the love of music.

You And I • Wilco
Lots of guitar strumming in a happy, shiny way. Me likey.

Zero • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
When I first heard this track, I was convinced it was a remix. It's actually the original mix, which is really cool.