making amends...

I'd like to say that I totally planned on following up my last post with additional BEST SONGS OF 2009, but then I'd be stretching the truthiness.

On that note, here are the songs I completely, totally forgot to include in the list from the original post. They are equally, if not more awesome. Sorry 'bout dat.

For a limited time, you can download a zip file with MP3s of these here.

Raindrops • Basement Jaxx
At first listen, it's a generic dance/club track, but what it's much more mature and very layered. It teeters just on the edge of annoying, as all of the best, catchy dance tunes should.

Kling To The Wreckage • The Crystal Method
Is that Ian Curtis back from the dead singing lead on a new Crystal Method track? Close. It's the lead singer from She Wants Revenge, who brings to mind the late Joy Divisioner.

The Hazards Of Love 4 • The Decemberists
This mellow end track from the album of the same name is proof of the brilliant song-writing going on on this album. My pick for best album of the year by far, although each individual track doesn't necessarily hold on its own.

Help Somebody • Maxwell
From the first album of a "trilogy" planned by Maxwell, this is a soulful jam with an amazing piano and bass hook.

I Belong To You • Muse
Epic and over the top, as only Muse can do right.

So Far Around The Bend • The National
Toe tapping goodness from Dark Was the Night, which the band also produced.

Hey, Snow White • The New Pornographers
A.C. Newman pulled another solo effort, but this gem, also from the Dark Was the Night compilation, is one of the best since the early days of the band.

1901 (Fabian Remix) • Phoenix
OMFG, yes I left off Phoenix by accident from the original list. Their Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is also one of the best albums of the year, and they rocked live in Central Park. Finally the band gets appreciation beyond France.

Inspiration Information • Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
No new album from the fabulous Miss Sharon Jones this year, but this track will do quite nicely to tie us over.