random thoughts on the iPad...

• My backordered Barnes & Noble NOOK, which was an awesome Christmas present from Craig, is outdated before it even arrived (I still want my NOOK though).

• The aesthetics of the iBook books are great, but being able to "choose" the font is a big slap in the face to book editors and authors that establish a font setting for a reason.

• I don't see myself playing games on something this large. I feel funny enough using the iPod touch for games.

• At 1.5 pounds, they may want to have considered adding a wrist strap. People are going to be dropping this thing out of their hands left and right.

• iPad is a terribly bland name and it's time to stop adding "i" to everything.

• Midgets and little people have had these iPads for months now. It was called the iPhone.

• They better offer that free AT&T wifi to current users of the iPod Touch, which doesn't pick up a signal 9 times out of 10.