in hollywood, everyone's a quadrant...

My podcasting partner Rachel and I love to compare notes on business meeting Fails, as we're often at conferences, in executive discussions or have vendors pitching their services.

Today, Rachel had someone throw out the term "Four Quadrant" out of context.

Four Quadrant is movie marketing terminology that basically means the film is targeted to all audiences (M25+, W25+, M-25, W-25).

It generally works as a theory, but in Hollywood it's virtually impossible to "create" a Four Quadrant film.

If it helps, let's look at some examples:

Avatar is a definite Four Quadrant film.
The Muppets is a Three Quadrant film.
The Artist is a Two Quadrant film.
Contraband is a One Quadrant Film.
The Adventures of Tintin is a No Quadrant film.