RIP Grandpa Moe

Waddaya Gonna Do? 

                            - Morris "Moe" Goldman 

My Grandpa Moe passed on today at the accomplished age of 94.  

I've been very lucky to have spent time this past week with him, and especially thankful that I've had the chance to get to know him more in recent years.

He was born first generation of his newly American family in Boston, Massachusetts in August of 1918, and for most of his life, his home was New England.  He married my Grandma Edie on a three day pass from active duty with the US Army Air Forces.  At the time of my Grandma's passing, they had been married for over 63 years, and he never lost his love for her since she left his life.

When he left the service a Master Sergeant, my Grandfather became a salesman, and I truly believe it's what he excelled at.  He could sell anything and often did.  He took pride in everything he sold and listened to your needs, which translated to success and eventually his own business.

He had a passion for competition, especially golf.  He loved to travel, hitting up Vegas and Miami in its heyday.  He cherished a good dirty joke, and delivered the punchline perfectly.  He made up a song called "The Hobo Convention" which I still to this day can't prove the existence of, but can sing every word.  He brought a smile to every friend and family member, and left an impression on anyone that just met him.

He will be dearly missed, and lovingly remembered.