Comedy Virgin

So I get this call from a friend in LA asking if I've ever done stand-up comedy before, to which I automatically answered with "absolutely not, no way."

Nevertheless, his friend Nicole got in touch and convinced me to be in her upcoming show VIRGIN SACRIFICE at this year's Fringe NYC.

The show comes direct from the WESTSIDE COMEDY THEATER in LA, where on the second Tuesday of every month, well known comedians like Jeff Garlin and Howie Mandell open for someone who has never done stand-up comedy before, and probably won't do it again.

Sounds great.

Actually, no, it sounds terrifying.  But I have a creed passed on from generation to generation that when somebody randomly calls and asks you to do stand-up comedy, you say yeah, sure.

So, for the past couple months I'd been writing down random funny thoughts, jokes, and possibly offensive comments about Bill Cosby.  All of this in an effort to form some sort of five minute set ("that's how long you get on Conan") to be performed in front of a live studio audience.

By the way, I almost forgot the punchline.

My show was booked for 3:15 in the afternoon last Wednesday, a time where folks are usually just waking up in the East Village.

But, what the hell, right?  I did it, there was actually somewhat of an audience that showed up, and it was a total rush.

Stand-up is one of the hardest things out there.  I'd put it somewhere around solving the energy crisis and being able to see those hidden images in 90s mall art.

I am totally psyched that I pulled it off, and owe everything to a supportive fan-base of friends and family.  Special shout out to Nicole Blane though, for convincing me to do it, coaching me with pep-talk, and putting the show together.

Here's my set recorded on my husband's cell phone.

My mom thinks the audio sucks.