So I'm walking back from an interview for an Executive Level job at a major media company when my Pokémon Go starts buzzing (because I'm really a 44 year old kid).

A wild Rapidash, right at my dressy feet

In addition to a Pinsir (CP335) and a Rapidash (CP296) in the nearby vicinity, it turns out my neighborhood synagogue (The Actor's Temple on 47th street) is also a Pokémon Gym.

I quickly enter, begin the battle, and for the first time, this chosen one was the victor, taking the formerly Victor status for team Mystic.  In other words, I went Nintendo equivalent of Judah Maccabee.

So there I am in my moment of glory when this manic early-twenties girl comes up to me franticly.  "Are you playing Pokémon right now?  Somebody just took my gym and now I'm afraid to leave here."

Go for God, stay for the Pikachu.

I explained I was pretty new to the game, and actually got some good tips from her after she realized I had only beaten one of the lower levels.

"You know that's my Temple actually," I explained.  "We should charge money during the afternoon and give people a place to battle Pokémon inside."

"That's a really Jewish thing to say," she quickly pointed out.