the week in
POKEMON GO news...

It seems every day there's another news blurb about Nintendo's massive breakout POKEMON GO. Here's your weekly recap of some of the best from 7/9 to 7/15...

Pokemon Go leads teen to dead body 
- CNNMoney

Pokemon GO is Becoming a Dating App 

The Strangest Places Fans of Pokemon Go Have Tried To Catch Them All
- Daily

Someone Inside The White House Loves To Play 'Pokemon Go' Too 
- The Inquisitr

Robbers used 'Pokemon Go' to lure their victims 
- Engadget

Cultural phenomenon Pokémon Go gets introverts outside 
- KUTV 2News

Pokémon Go is doing what few apps can – driving real-world traffic 
- TechCrunch

Restaurants Are Using Pokémon Go to Catch Customers 
- Slate

Pokemon GO' Powers Nintendo Stock to 25 Percent Growth 
- TheWrap

'Pokémon Go' Chasers in China Hit Brick Wall 
- Wall Street Journal

Pokémon Go becomes global craze as game overtakes Twitter 
- The Guardian

Pokemon GO App Users: Law Enforcement Urges Caution 

Auschwitz Museum says no to "Pokemon Go" 
- CBS News

Pokemon Go exposes cheating boyfriend 
- The Week UK

Man robbed while playing 'Pokemon Go' 
- U.S. News

2016 Pokemon Go Is Partnering With McDonald's 
- GameSpot

'Pokemon Go' players arrested at Ohio zoo 
- U.S. News

Two Pokemon GO players fall off cliff while trying to catch 'em all 
- Mirror

All around the world, authorities are worrying about Pokemon Go
 - Washington Post

T-Mobile offering a year of free mobile data for Pokemon Go 
- Geek

Daughter hit by car while playing 'Pokemon Go' 


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