Christmas is for Zinger Zappers

When talking Christmas memories with folks from the New York area, there's always a strong denial that Dolly Madison snack cakes never existed.

Not to be confused with First Lady Dolley Madison, Dolly Madison was a bakery that produced a variety of sugary, processed baked goods that really took off when they associated with the Peanuts characters.  

Probably due to regional preference to Drake's Cakes, amount other East Coast snacks, the Dolly Madison commercials, products, and apparently packaging, never really made it to the New York Tri-State area.

That's a shame, because my East coast friends will never associate A Charlie Brown Christmas with the incredibly addictive coconut covered raspberry Zinger.  This snack was so good, you would eat it even when it was crushed by a thermos in your lunchbox.

Luckily, we have Fandom to gather the proof of Dolly Madison's long-time association with the Peanuts gang.  A lot of the original commercials I remember as a kid are available on YouTube.  Recreate your memories of Zinger Zappers below, or prove to your East coast deniers that this existed...