hollywood, because I could

Somebody pinch me.

No, seriously, like every morning I’m going to need someone to pinch me.

After 23 years of life in New York City, I am finally a resident of the endlessly ecelctic City of Los Angeles, California.

Adding to the surealness of this new chapter of my life is the fact that my husband and I drove across country in four days with three cats in the back-seat.  Without incident, I might add.

Cats are not as easy to transport as dogs.  They are very “who-moved-my-cheese” when it comes to new places, so strange hotel rooms are constant resets.  Strangely enough, all three were pretty excited about being in our new hotel room each night (possibly due to being out of their cages after long days).

Our drive from New York to California was South by Southwest, stopping in Roanoke, Little Rock, Albuquerque and finally our new home in Downtown Los Angeles.  Or, as the locals say, DTLA.
The whirlwind of it all was rewarded with time to decompress, and in the first three days we were able to take in much of the city and a little of its suburbs.

In three days, we were able to debunk three myths about La La Land:

1) Nobody walks in L.A.
2) Nobody takes the subway.
3) Everybody is so phony and fake.

Not true.

DTLA is extremely walkable.  The subways are way cleaner and more efficiant than New York City.  And everyone I’ve come across so far has been the real deal.  Unless they were just an aspiring actor playing “real.”

It’s so hard to tell these days.