the tide pod shoplifting challenge

I may or may not have just contributed to the shoplifting of six packages of Tide PODs.

There I was, shopping for more environment friendly laundry detergent in a DTLA Target when a woman behind me asks for help in reaching something.

I turn around and the woman, limited in movement, is asking me to put six of those Tide POD packs into the giant bag hanging off the back of her motor cart.  Granted they’re on the top shelf, and hard to reach for anyone over the height of 5’5”, but there was something kind of strange about her need for six of the packs, and nothing else.

“Is there room for more stuff back there?” she asks barely turning her head.

I tell her she can fit about 3 small items more before needing another bag.

Off she rolls, without a thank-you, her sketchy face-tattoo and unwashed hair now glaringly giving me second thoughts about my good deed for the day.

While checking out, I notice her roll by each and every cashier without paying, and exit the store.

I really hope she isn’t going playground to playground selling the detergent pods at a dollar a pop to naive kids looking for Internet fame.