One-two-three! And thrust it, thrust it, THRUST IT, COME ON, THRUST IT! AH!

One of the first BEWARE OF THE BLOG posts was about how there are always Strange Old Men at repertory film screenings.

So, why was I so surprised that in addition to the token gay camp crowd at last night's fab screening of Showgirls, there was also a handful of dirty old men?

Granted Times Square is now a glorified Disney store and the places to jack are few and far between, but did they not get the memo that Showgirls is easily one of the least sexy sex movies ever made?

Anyway, a good time was had by all and thanks to all that made it. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my 33rd than with two hours of smut.

Also, I was reminded of the following words of wisdom from Showgirls:

- who you fuck is your own business and I'm not making it mine.

- if asked where from, always answer "different places" and throw things.

- cheeseburgers are the new brown rice and vegetables.

- $50-$100 is way too lilttle to charge for hooking.

- there's such a fine line between "whore" and "dancer."

- if someone gets in your way, step on them.

- if you're the only one left standing there, they hire you.

As if I needed Showgirls for all that wisdom?