i'm feeling blu...

This being 2010, the year we make contact, I've taken a major leap into the 21st century and upgraded from a 1988 hand-me-down tube television to a High Def Panasonic flatscreen and a Blu-ray player!

You would think this film geek would have been on the Blu-ray bandwagon the second the first player came off the line, but the high cost was just waaaaay to much to self-justify. I can tell you after doing a lot of research that not only have the costs of players and monitors greatly decreased, but the selection and quality of product out there's pretty amazing.

The wishful thinker in me has always been an early adopter. Back in the 80s, I purchased CDs way in advance of owning a player. In the 90s, I owned a handful of Laserdiscs before landing a discontinued player at the tail end of that trend. So, it's no surprise to you when I say I had a couple Blu-ray discs purchased before caving into the player buy.

Haven't had a chance to watch them all, but I've started off the Blu-ray collection with what I consider to be some essentials...

The Nightmare Before Christmas
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration

I'll be reporting back after my next chance to veg out in front of the new set-up!