Are You Celebrating?

• for those who voted because you're republican • 
Are you celebrating a victory for your party, despite your loss of dignity in how you got it?

• for those who voted for "anyone but her" • 
 Are you still standing by your decision to throw away your vote, on a third party candidate that you “trusted” or “liked” more?

• for those who voted in the face of your people • 
Do you think your vote for him makes you a conservative Jew, African-American, Latino, Hispanic, or Muslim?

• for those who didn't vote with your vagina • 
Do you feel safer as a woman with a white male leader that devalues your equality?

• for those who think america isn't as great as it was before • 
How do you think we're viewed in the eyes of other nations today?

• for those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman •
 How do you justify your superiority to gay friends, family and colleagues?