President Donald Trump
The Simple Child

Trump, the Simple Child, answers your Passover questions:
Why is this night different from all other nights? Let me tell you. It's a very special night, you know. Very special. We may be eating flat bread, which I gotta tell you is a little bland, but I'll be able to do something about that. Where was I. Oh, right, you know there was no way that Pharaoh was going to let your people go. No way. But you know what he did. He let them go. We are going to do that sort of thing to, you know. We are going to let our people go and make America great again. So many people. Many of them happen to be Jews. Jews that voted for me, some of which are at this seder table right now. I think a lot of Jews want to see a change. And speaking of change, Melania sitting over there on the orthopedic cushion would like to replace this roasted egg with a more permanent faberge egg you can enjoy for Passovers to come. Okay? Thank you.