Now Ranting on ScreenRant

Since starting this blog way back in 2004, I've grown to love writing a little more with each passing year.

It has been an honor to share my life with, at least a hundred people through the years.  And I have the incredible 21¢ from Google Analytics to prove it.

Of course, my real fifteen minutes of fame has come from a side-gig over at the incomparably cool Forces of Geek, where I've had the pleasure of sharing movie reviews, nostalgia trips and now a new podcast about sequels, remakes and reboots called Oh No They Didn't.

If there's one thing that my recent professional full-time job seeker gig has generated, it's a desire to be a lot more creative on a daily basis.  I've probably started more side projects during the past few months than I can keep track of.

But now I'm being paid to write about the biz, and I'm enjoying the structure a lot.

You can now read my work over at ScreenRant here. I'm on their News beat for starters, but hopefully I'll be able to get some interviews and reviews up in due time.

You'll continue to find Beware of the Blog a great place for my occasional personal rants, shares of ephemeral knowledge and incredibly well structured Haikus.

In the meantime, please bookmark all the links above, and do subscribe to the new podcast over on iTunes or Google Play (better yet, write us up a glowing review).